How We're Different

  • Professional

    Coleman performs all over the world. However, he isn't just a professional musician. He has a degree in music performance and pedagogy (the method and practice of teaching) which is why students and musicians alike have turned to Coleman for decades.

  • Experienced

    Coleman began playing the violin at 3 years old. He's been teaching music for almost 20 years. While classically trained in the Suzuki Method Coleman's well-rounded approach to teaching includes all styles of acoustic music. Students love his real-world approach.

  • Proven

    Coletrain Music Academy is known for teaching concepts that are proven to get you started and keep you learning music for years to come. E-Lessons will teach you how to play your instrument, the theory behind music, and how to play well with others.

“Do you know the difference between a violinist and a fiddle player? One plays the strings, and the other plays strangs.”

- Coleman "Coletrain" Smith

Coleman Smith E-Lessons

Why You'll Love This Online Course

We know you have many options when it comes to learning music online. Here are some of the tools we know you'll love and more importantly will gain success from. Remember, this curriculum is designed by CMA Founder Coleman Smith who has dedicated his life to performance as well as the art of teaching music.

  • Expect to gain insight on the scale, chords, how to chop, strum, bow and the theory behind every song.

  • You'll learn the melody in a phrase by phrase manner paired with sheet music designed to support memorization.

  • You'll gain insight on what it's like to play in a real-world scenario like a jam or live performace through our play along track at the end of each lesson.

Student Testimonial

Adeline Brown

Whether you are a more advanced violinist hoping to practice improvisation or a beginner wanting to learn a basic fiddle melody, you will get something out of these wonderful E-Lessons. The video quality, style of teaching, and lesson format are truly a step above anything else I have seen in the virtual learning space.

Student Testimonial

David Neal

I have been studying violin with Coleman for five months. I have also had the good fortune of editing all and filming some of these video e-lessons. At age 70 and having received a master's degree, I can say that I have had many teachers over the years, and without reservation, I believe that Coleman is the best teacher I have ever had. I can assure you that he has put a great deal of effort into making these e-lessons and they do rival his one-on-one teaching, albeit without the personal touch. I highly recommend watching the e-lessons (as I have many many times!) And best luck with your learning, whether in person or virtually, at Coletrain Music Academy. Also highly recommend the music workshop for any level of musician.