Coletrain Music E-Lessons

What can you expect from Coletrain Music E-Lessons?

  • Professional Education

    CMA Founder Coleman Smith is a Master Violinist, Internationally acclaimed musician, and has been a music educator for 20 years.

  • Results-Driven Curriculum

    CMA E-Lessons were created using proven methods that have helped countless students reach their musical goals.

  • Real-World Application

    CMA E-Lessons will teach you the scale, chords, melody, and theory behind each song, and how to play well with others.

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Starting as low as $9.99! E-Lessons include beginner to intermediate fiddle, mandolin and guitar. Each lesson comes with professional instruction, sheet music and a play along track featuring Coleman Smith on fiddle, bass, guitar, and mandolin! Purchase a single lesson or try a bundle of three.

What They're Saying...

Student Testimonial

by Adeline Brown

Whether you are a more advanced violinist hoping to practice improvisation or a beginner wanting to learn a basic fiddle melody, you will get something out of these wonderful E-Lessons. The video quality, style of teaching, and lesson format are truly a step above anything else I have seen in the virtual learning space.

Student Testimonial

David Neal

I have been studying violin with Coleman for five months. I have also had the good fortune of editing all and filming some of these video e-lessons. At age 70 and having received a master's degree, I can say that I have had many teachers over the years, and without reservation, I believe that Coleman is the best teacher I have ever had. I can assure you that he has put a great deal of effort into making these e-lessons and they do rival his one-on-one teaching, albeit without the personal touch. I highly recommend watching the e-lessons (as I have many many times!) Best luck with your learning, whether in person or virtually, at Coletrain Music Academy. Also highly recommend the music workshop for any level of musician.

Student Testimonial

Brin Riley

I have been taking CMA video lessons for several months now for guitar, and I really appreciate the quality and thoroughness of each lesson. This year I've learned so much about a wide variety of genres and have experienced continued technical improvement. I enjoy the convenience and efficiency of online lessons and would highly recommend this option with Coletrain Music Academy.

Are you ready for the renaissance of music?

The time to persue your passion for music has never been more essential. Equally as important as the creation is the sharing. Why? Because music is medicine. Music transcends all barriers and its language is universal. Music can be very healing and the right words in the right order sang at the right time can change the world.


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